Founded in 2013, the Cornelius Cultural Arts Group (CCAG) aims to shape the character of Old Town Cornelius and the Lake Norman region by harnessing the power of the area’s creatives. With that power we can improve quality of life and build a vibrant, sustainable hub for arts and cultural activity, experience and exploration.

A 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, we partner with artists, designers, cultural organizations, nonprofit and government organizations, and public and private sectors to create a unique sense of place, spotlighting our rich and diverse local arts and culture and mobilizing community members to participate in – and support – a thriving artistic and cultural life. By enhancing and expanding the region’s arts and cultural activity, and finding new ways to support our artists and artisans, we promote economic growth on multiple levels that benefits the entire community.

Mission Statement:
Cornelius Cultural Arts Group’s Mission is to use the power of the arts through events and initiatives. To use these events and initiatives to connect community by enhancing quality of life in Cornelius and the surrounding Lake Norman region by supporting and promoting programs of creative expression in arts, science, diversity, history and heritage.